Hey! I'm Santhosh

I'm a software developer with a B.Tech in Computer Science, specializing in Cyber Security, from Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR. I create functional websites and native mobile Android applications, excelling at converting designs into code.

I also contribute to open source projects while also building and maintaining my own open source libraries. My recent works include react-quizlet-flashcard and neko-ts libraries.

When I'm not writing code, I enjoy catching up with my favorite manga and anime series or playing sandbox games like Minecraft.


Development Lead

Led a team, taught students and wrote code


Manage all the development activities of the club and teach a cohort of 30+ students about Web development and Mobile development.

Freelance Web Developer

Classic dashboard for a startup


Built an admin panel for a startup company to manage their products and orders and a website for their customers to place orders.

PHP Intern

Built production level modules


Designed and built production level modules for a platform with 20k+ page visits per day along with scrapers for machine learning.

JavaScript Intern

Built and hosted a website


Built and hosted a website for a startup company and helped them get recognized by Govt. of India.

Web Dev team Lead

Built heavy traffic website for an event


Lead a team of 6 web developers to build a website for a inter University Entrepreneurship event.

Web Dev team Lead

Built a website for an annual sports event


Leading a team of web developers and designers to build a website that manages everything from registration to payment for the annual sports event.

Verse Lyrics

Kotlin Android application that helps users to fetch and save lyrics of songs played in Spotify automatically. Available on Playstore.


A simple and responsive quizlet-like flashcard component with no additional dependency. Written in Javascript and React.


A web based minimal IDE built with Monaco Editor and React. Supports multiple languages and themes. Runs faster than VSCode Web with less memory usage.


A simple pokedex web app that fetches from custom pokemon api and displays them in a beautiful UI. Built with NextJs.

Surge 2022

(Database asleep 😴)Event management website built with NextJs and Prisma. Handled 1000+ registrations and 30k+ unique page visits before the event.

Quartz(Under dev)

A multifunctional web app task managment tool with cross platform authentication and storage using Supabase, In the aim to replace Notion and Obsidian.

Tools and Technologies

Open Source


A React component that allows you to create flashcards like Quizlet.

28,077 ++

6,997 --

Verse Lyrics

A simple kotlin app that fetches lyrics from google. Has 1000+ downloads on Playstore.

56,074 ++

44,974 --


Redesigned and implemented the design on the angular based lightweight spotify client website.

9,840 --

10,461 ++

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