A simple pokedex built using NextJs and a custom PokeAPI. Majority of the work was in building the dataset for the API since all the open APIs have data that doesn’t fit the design I wanted.

Why did I build this?

After my first ever React project, building a website for Breeze 2021, I had this new thing to play with. Having built websites with Django and python before, React was a breath of fresh air. Plus, all React websites can be hosted for free on various platforms as opposed to Django websites.

To bring a website I had built with Django previously to life again after Heroku stopped free tire, I decided to built it again in React.

Inspiration and past work.

Usually people find get an idea and then look for a design to match with their vision. But, its a very unstable process in my opinion because developers are not designers and it’ll be very discouraging, especially when you have an eye for pleasing designs.

I found this design on Dribble

Dribble design
Dribble design

While building the website, I made a lot of changes to the initial inspiration.

Website design
Final Website design

Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the original Django website to work to take a snip of the old design. This is the only picture I have of it.

Old Website design
Old Website design

Data collection

From the designs, these are the details I need for all pokemon along with some details that I found while trying to find these data:

  • Name(English and Japanese)
  • Stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, Speed)
  • Types (Grass, Poison, Fire, Water, Flying, Bug, …)
  • Gender Ratio
  • Dimensions (Height and Weight)
  • Description
  • Abilities
  • Sprites
    • Eggs
    • Variations of each Pokemon
  • Audio files for pokemon

Since the projects is from 2021, I don’t remember where most of the data came from. But, I remember using projectpokemon for the sprites.

Edit: I have made a repository with the code to scrape the data and generate the right format for the API. You can find it here.

Analyzing the sprites naming convention

In the projectpokemon website, the sprites are named in a very specific way. For example, the sprite for Bulbasaur is named

and the website does not have any explanation on what each part of the name means.

Later, I joined the discord server and asked one of the admin there and he/she said:

it appears the format is poke_capture_(speciesID)_(formID)_(gender)_(isgigantamax?)_00000000_f_(shiny?)

Based on what I’ve seen ~

md - male gender difference
fd - female gender difference
mf - no gender differences
uk - unknown

n - normal
r - rare (basically internal name for shiny)

n - no
g - gigantamax

Once this was clear, I just had to write a script to download all the sprites and store them in the right folder.


Since React was all I knew, I initially started with a create-react-app project. I used React Router Dom for routing and SCSS for styling. Later, I migrated the project to NextJs for the SEO benefits and the ability to use getStaticPaths and getStaticProps.

This helped me learn a lot about NextJs and some advanced use of css.


One main problem I faced was the design. Since I wanted the website to be responsive, I had to convert the desktop design to a mobile design. This was a very challenging task because of how the desktop design was made.

If you simplify the design from earlier, you get this:

Codepen demo
Codepen demo

but in the mobile design, I wanted the search bar at the top of the screen, then the pokemon sprite, then all the details.

Codepen demo
Codepen demo

After a lot of trial and error, I finally got the design to work using grid-template-areas. You can see the StackOverflow question I asked here.

Possible improvements

  1. The UI is a bit funky to my eyes now. I would like to tune the shadows and borders a bit.
  2. Code logic for switching between shiny, gigantamax and two genders if available is a very long and a refactor is needed.